CARIM Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship to Study Abroad, 2018

CARIM Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship

CARIM Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship : Applications are welcomed for CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship to give as of late advanced best CARIM ability an opportunity to pick up encounter abroad and come back to CARIM to perform fantastic research. Global students are qualified to apply for this partnership.

Scholarship Provider: The “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” has been intended to help gifted CARIM PhD students in understanding an aspiring, imaginative and universal one-year examine venture as a postdoc. The “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” is planned for as of late graduated CARIM PhD students.

With a yearly spending plan of just about 21,000,000 Euros, CARIM is one of the biggest cardiovascular research foundations in Europe, delivering in excess of 500 logical articles and roughly 45 PhD papers for every year. Along these lines CARIM gives a dynamic, basic learning condition, which ends up being prolific ground for top accomplishments in the field of cardiovascular research.

Degree Level: Fellowships are accessible to seek after Postdoctoral program.

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Accessible Subject: The association is intended to keep top CARIM gifts associated with our establishment by giving the chance to travel to another country, in this way picking up the experience required for composing phenomenal concede recommendations. Thusly, the primary necessity for this partnership is that around 9 months (min. of 6) might be spent at an accomplice organization outside the Netherlands to obtain (further) abroad experience and reinforce the global system of the applicant and PI(s) involved.The competitor should utilize this year for setting up abroad coordinated efforts and be composing a proposition for a postdoc position (e.g. the NWO VENI-program) and will be judged on his aims of authorizing this fabulous from inside CARIM.

Scholarship Benefits: It offers an aggressive pay for a one-year post-doctoral position. The cooperation adds up to € 53,011gross (as per 2016 scale 10-4 for pay costs) which is implied for a time of a year. Seat charges are excluded in this association. The cooperation incorporates one return flight to the host organization (in light of economy charge).

Qualified Nationalities: International students are qualified to apply for this partnership.

Qualification Criteria: To be qualified for this scholarship you should meet the accompanying necessities:

Applicants are qualified to enter the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” methodology from the beginning of their fourth year of the PhD preparing and ought not be more established than 35 years. Moreover, the partnership ought to be begun inside 3 months after the Ph.D.- resistance or after a composed endorsement of the postulation.

Surpassing the date to begin will make the board pull back the honor of the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship”. On the off chance that the chose applicant rejects the partnership, the assets will be exchanged to the following qualified competitor or made accessible for a moment association amid the following round, this at the circumspection of the determination board of trustees.

The application of the hopeful in the system of the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” will be checked against the accompanying criteria (without organizing):

The applicant ought to have an unmistakable association with CARIM.

The quality, inventive potential and logical effect of the proposition

Decision (incl. inspiration) and notoriety of the picked accomplice foundation where at least a half year will be spent

Inspiration, desire and eagerness of the hopeful specialist

Composed letters of proposals by present and past bosses (with conceivable oral development)

Accessibility of seat charges amid the association inside CARIM and the accomplice organization

Applicant’s aspirations amid the (required/insignificant) a half year abroad

Content-based oral resistance of the proposition by the applicant

Post-cooperation postdoc openings inside CARIM as well as accomplice organization

Productions by and large and first creation

Application Procedure: There will be one call a year, and the due date for the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship” is the 13thof May, 00.00 hours. To apply for the “CARIM – Postdoctoral Talent Fellowship”, the candidates from inside (or associated with) CARIM are welcome to present an application (via mail) to the CARIM office (

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Due date: May 13, 2018