Carleton University Prestige Scholarships in Canada

The Carleton University is presently tolerating applications for Prestige Scholarships for the 2018-2019 scholastic year. Grants are accessible for seeking after undergraduate program. Carleton University is a far reaching college situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The empowering enactment is The Carleton University Act, 1952, S.O. 1952.

Carleton University Prestige Scholarships

On the off chance that English isn’t your first dialect then you should demonstrate that your English dialect abilities are at a sufficiently high level to prevail in your examinations.

  • Grants are accessible for seeking after undergraduate program.
  • Grants are granted to think about the subjects offered by the college.

Number of Scholarships: 10 Chancellor’s Scholarships, 7 Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarships, 3 Carleton University Scholarships of Excellence, 2 Carleton University Shad Valley Scholarships of Excellence, 1 Riordon Scholarship, 1 Collins Prestige Scholarship.

Grant Award:

Ten Chancellor’s Scholarships: $30,000 ($7,500 x four years)

Seven Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarships: $21,500 ($6,500 in the main year and $5,000 in second, third and fourth year)

Three Carleton University Scholarships of Excellence: $20,000 ($5,000 x four years)

Two Carleton University Shad Valley Scholarships of Excellence: $20,000 ($5,000 x four years)

One Riordon Scholarship: Full educational cost in to start with, second, third, and fourth year

One Collins Prestige Scholarship: Full educational cost in to begin with, second, third, and fourth year

Grant can be taken in Canada

Qualification Criteria: To be considered for an esteem grant, students are entering Carleton out of the blue from secondary school or CEGEP and have no past participation at post-optional instructive foundations (school or college). For all distinction grants, you’ll require a confirmation normal of 90 percent or better – the choice board of trustees will likewise survey the scope of your group or auxiliary school exercises. One application frame is utilized for all the notoriety grants.

Qualified Nationalities: Citizens of all nationalities are qualified to apply.


School Admission Requirement Prestige Scholarships

Requirement for Entrance : High school graduation is the typical least level of concentrate to be considered for admission to the primary year of an undergraduate program at Carleton University. Scholarly execution in past investigations is the primary deciding variable for admission to college degree programs.

Test Requirement: No

English Language Requirement: The dialect of direction at Carleton University is English. To their greatest advantage, students whose first dialect isn’t English must show that they can adapt to the dialect requests of an English dialect college. Students can exhibit their English dialect capability by displaying official transcripts to demonstrate that they have considered throughout the previous three years (full-time) in a secondary school, school or college in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or some other nation in which the essential dialect is English and where the dialect of direction in the pertinent instructive foundation was only English.

Application Procedure: To apply please total, print, and present this application to the Awards Office by March 1, 2018.

Application Form

Application Deadline: The application due date is March 1, 2018.

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 Carleton University Prestige Scholarships