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World Maritime University Fellowships

World Maritime University Fellowships : The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is announcing applications for 10 new fellowships for qualified applicants from the South Pacific to join WMU’s 14-month MSc in Maritime Affairs program.

A predetermined number of fellowships to give money related help to students are given every year by a scope of international givers. All WMU projects of study are intended to react to the present needs of the maritime business through an adjust of scholarly investigation and handy experience.

World Maritime University Fellowships Provider: The World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden is a postgraduate maritime university established in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a particular office of the United Nations. The point of WMU is to additionally upgrade the destinations and objectives of IMO and IMO part States far and wide through education, research, and limit working to guarantee protected, secure, and effective delivering on clean seas. WMU is really an association by and for the international maritime group.

Degree Level: Fellowships are accessible to seek after MSc program.

Subjects : Fellowships are granted to learn 14-month MSc in Maritime Affairs program.

WMU offers a postgraduate program in Maritime Affairs, prompting a Master of Science or a Postgraduate Diploma, in the accompanying specializations:

  • Maritime Education and Training
  • Maritime Energy Management
  • Maritime Law and Policy
  • Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration
  • Sea Sustainability, Governance and Management
  • Port Management
  • Transportation Management and Logistics

MSc students advantage from a one of a kind program of worldwide field learns at have associations, for example, shipping organizations, ports specialists, maritime administrations, and other legislative and non-administrative associations, all through the world. The participation of a huge scope of worldwide foundations offers a one of a kind chance to encounter the application of the most recent speculations and advancements, in actuality, maritime circumstances, and to fashion bonds with a worldwide system of maritime experts.

The program differs every year and by specialization. Cases of past goals are recorded underneath.

  • Maritime Education and Training colleges/establishments in Norway, the Philippines, the Netherlands, EMSA (Lisbon) and IMO (London)
  • Maritime Energy Management Turkey (Istanbul), Sweden, IMO (London), Norway, Italy and Denmark
  • Maritime Law and Policy the ICJ (the Hague) or ITLOS (Hamburg), Chile, BIMCO (Copenhagen) and IMO (London)
  • Maritime Safety and Environmental AdministrationTurkey (Istanbul), Republic of Korea, Germany, IMO (London), Argentina, Chile and Denmark
  • Sea Sustainability, Governanace and Management Finland, Germany, Malta and the Netherlands
  • Port Management Singapore, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany (Hamburg) and other real ports
  • Transportation Management and Logistics Greece, Sweden (Gothenburg), UK (London) and Germany (Hamburg) and in addition other significant delivery goals.

World Maritime University Fellowships Benefits: Paying the full partnership expense of $57,700 incorporates settlement gave by WMU, a month to month living stipend, and a carrier ticket home toward the finish of the program.

Qualified Nationality: The Australian Fellowships are available to maritime experts utilized by the Governments of Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga and Samoa.

Qualified Nationalities: Applicants must meet the accompanying criteria:

  • WMU concedes students who are now settled in vocations in the maritime field. The Admissions Board will consider just those applicants who meet the accompanying general entrance prerequisites:
  • A Bachelor’s degree in an applicable train, or a comparable university capability or on the other hand
  • The most elevated review authentication of competency for unlimited administration as master sailor or boss architect, or identical maritime capabilities

what’s more in World Maritime University Fellowships ,

  • Significant, straightforwardly pertinent expert experience
  • Ability in English dialect, exhibited by an internationally perceived standard test (See the full English dialect prerequisites on the following page)
  • PC skill (at any rate the capacity to utilize Microsoft Office)
  • Strong PC aptitudes are basic since students are required to utilize PCs from the earliest starting point of the main semester to compose their examination answers, finish assignments, and complete research and different ventures. Applicants who need PC and console abilities can’t be acknowledged. From the gathering of applicants who meet these general entrance necessities, the Admissions Board will choose just the best-qualified candidates, considering every one of their capabilities and accomplishments.

Extra Entrance Requirements for World Maritime University Fellowships : Accelerated Program

  • Notwithstanding meeting the necessities illustrated above, applicants for cutting edge standing must show they have officially secured the substance of the principal semester of the standard program. The extra capabilities required are:
  • A postgraduate capability in a territory specifically applicable to the specialization the student expects to take after
  • Senior level, straightforwardly applicable expert experience
  • Capability in English without going to the English and Study Skills Program, and with a proper score in the composition abilities segment of the test. The tests and stamps required are indicated under “English dialect necessities”
  • Superb IT abilities
  • Applicants to the quickened program must supply itemized transcripts from their undergraduate and postgraduate investigation. In lieu of transcripts definite syllabi, the imprints picked up, and a full scholastic reference must be provided.

Extraordinary Information for South African Applicants

  • Applicants from South Africa can look for financing for their examinations from TETA, the Transport Education and Training Authority.
  • Dialect Requirements: The English and Study Skills Program (ESSP) is for any individual who needs to impart all the more adequately in English in the maritime field. ESSP students are regularly:
  • WMU students selected in the ESSP as a state of section into the MSc program
  • WMU students who choose to take the ESSP in anticipation of the MSc program
  • Non-WMU students who wish to update their expert and scholarly English relational abilities in the maritime setting.
  • Test Requirements: All applicants to the University must present an internationally perceived English dialect capability test. Adequate tests incorporate IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge examinations, and GCE O-levels in English dialect. Different tests are acknowledged by the Admissions Board just under extraordinary conditions; applicants should check with the Registry in such cases.
  • Application technique: All candidates must apply electronically. Paper applications are not acknowledged.
  • Applications for admission to the MSc in Maritime Affairs ought to be submitted online by means of the self administration entry:

Note 1: Please make just a single record and submit just a single application.

Note 2: All supporting documentation ought to be finished before rounding out the online shape

So documents can be straightforwardly transferred inside the application.

Apply Online

If you can’t have any significant bearing on the web, please utilize this pdf form and email the frame, and all supporting documentation, to [email protected]

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